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ScaleConf New Zealand (SConfNZ) is an event being organized by CODEIT CONSULTING LIMITED.


Whilst the programme is correct at the time of going to press, SConfNZ reserves the right to make changes to the programme, location and/or speakers without prior notice. Such alterations may occasionally be necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. Where circumstances force cancellation of the conference in its entirety, SConfNZ will make every effort to inform delegates as soon as reasonably possible.

SConfNZ is not liable for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage, loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of savings) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly in respect of the event. You agree to arrange your own insurance to cover your participation in the event.


Views expressed by speakers are their own. SConfNZ disclaims any liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the event or in any documentation provided to delegates.


Please note that for promotional purposes, there may be a professional photographer and video production taking place during the event. If you object to being included in any photography/film produced please let the event organisers know as soon as possible on arrival.


We make every effort to ensure that our events are accessible and enjoyable for all our delegates, however should you have any specific requirements, please contact SConfNZ on team@scaleconf.co.nz


If you've booked but then can't attend, it's fine for another person to attend in your place as long as you let us know beforehand.


  • Should you wish to cancel your registration at least 30 days before the commencement of the event, we'll refund you in full minus a NZD 200 admin fee.
  • If you cancel within 30 days of the event, or do a no-show on the day of the event, you'll be liable for the full purchase price.

Moral of the story: don't cancel and if you do, let us know ASAP.


  • In the unlikely event of cancellation of the event, the liability of the organisers is limited to the return of paid fees.
  • The organisers may alter the times, dates and speakers of this event by notice to you at any time.

While we are sorry if this causes inconvenience, the organisers will not be liable for any loss, damages or sadness arising from such changes.


This privacy policy applies to any information acquired by and/or provided to SConfNZ including but not limited to: information provided through use of the website; information provided during the course of orders, transactions and bookings; information provided through enquiries or by the completion of any request and or invitation for information. SConfNZ may gather information about you when you use our website.

SConfNZ recognizes that your privacy is important to you. The information you submit will be kept confidential and secure once received. The information will be processed by SConfNZ and EventBrite under strictly regulated conditions.

By registering for this conference and disclosing personal information to SConfNZ you consent to the collection, storage and processing of information in the manner described in this policy. Please note that your continued use of the SConfNZ website and/or products and services constitutes your agreement to any changes to this policy and the website terms and conditions of use.

SConfNZ will only disclose this information in the following circumstances:

  • i. Where your consent has been obtained;
  • ii. Where there is a legal obligation;
  • iii. Where there is a public duty; and
  • iv. In connection with the assignment or transfer of all or any of its rights and obligations to any of its group companies or to any other third party.

SConfNZ can also provide you with information relating to your booking and also other services via email, direct mail, fax or telephone. Can follow us on Twitter:@sconfNZ

Communications between you and Codeit Consulting Limited.

We may send you Promote-related emails about upcoming Conferences. Note that you may opt out of Promote-related e-mails, sending us an email to admin@codeit.co.nz

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