Rob Pearson

    Vaughan Westray / IT Performance Manager @ Ministry of Social Development

    Vaughan leads the movement shift at MSD and within the DevOps Performance Community by transforming the traditional Performance Testing methods to focus more on improving quality to market, within continuous delivery.

    This is done by transforming his teams to focus on the full performance lifecycle, from early Development through to Production. He has experience in a number of Performance Engineering consultancies and an extensive background in Performance Testing, Engineering and Application Performance Monitoring.

    Talk: Reduce time to market, Increase quality to market

    Customers come in all shapes and sizes. Some will use your products exactly as you intend while others will go way beyond your expectations. This is perfectly normal, possibly the price of success, but it can result in all kinds of problems that you didn't expect. Problems can range from terrible performance to usability issues where the user interface becomes useless. It can be surprising when a dashboard that looks great for ten records can be completely unusable when it displays a thousand records. This can be far more frustrating than a page that is simply slow to load.

    With the world of features being taken for granted, and the massive uptake of Digital, system stability, performance and user experience is increasing as being the one of the most important factors when it comes to customers choosing services. Solutions are being compared to those delivered by multi-billion dollar companies, no matter how mature they are. Users are demanding similar experiences and uptime to Facebook, Google and Amazon, from all apps and systems they use. Not thinking about system performance, functionality and stability could result in not just a poor reputation, but in brand failure.

    Thursday 10th August 2017