Vanessa Love

    Vanessa Love / Support Guru @ Octopus Deploy

    Support 'Guru' for Octopus Deploy with a past life in development, manual releases and LAMP. Currently running around to different user groups talking about any of her three passions: deployment automation with Octopus, what developers can get out of supporting their products, and gaming as a user experience lesson.

    Talk: Planning your automation from scratch, what not to bring from your Word document!

    The start of a deployment automation journey is often the same: Harassed developers who have been given 2 days to ‘figure out if it works!’. Manual deployments generally come with a word document full of checklists, reminders, script snippets and server details.

    Transferring your process into an automated deployment pipeline requires rethinking how it is done. There are parts of the checklist you need to throw out, and I will explain why. If you are starting out in deployment automation, this session will allow you to land on the correct foot and avoid the most common mistakes I have seen, to make your adoption much more successful.

    Thursday 10th August 2017