Ronen Baram

    Ronen Baram / MySQL Principal Consultant @ Oracle

    With more then 25 years in the IT industry, with strong focus on open source solutions, for the last 8 years acting as a MySQL technical consultant for many APAC companies and organisations. Based in Melbourne and serves ANZ as a core territory. Have a great passion to talk, learn and share knowledge. Overall nice person, given the morning coffee was reasnable.

    Talk: Databases and Containers

    Containers are great for short lived, ephemeral data and database are for long lived data storage. So how does one work within these two incompatible goals? Also databases need 'warm up' time, authentication services, and cluster alignments that do not fit into the container model. This session will cover how to spin up data in a container using a database and get the needed info into the containerized database, how to make sure changes to the data do not evaporate, and yet keep the entire system easy to manage. Learn to balance long term data needs with short term processing requirements.

    Thursday 10th August 2017