Rob Pearson

    Rob Pearson / Software Engineer @ Octopus Deploy

    Rob Pearson is a developer, product designer, part-time indie, Canadian expat and Australian. He's built products for big and small enterprises, shipped his own mobile transit app and currently helps make Octopus Deploy awesome. Rob loves products and people and has learned that he's motivated by product development and working with customers. He loves take a concept, shipping and support it.

    Rob loves Apple products and organised the Brisbane Cocoaheads meetup for a couple years until he recently handed over the reigns.

    Talk: Designing interfaces that don't suck when your customers scale!

    Customers come in all shapes and sizes. Some will use your products exactly as you intend while others will go way beyond your expectations. This is perfectly normal, possibly the price of success, but it can result in all kinds of problems that you didn't expect. Problems can range from terrible performance to usability issues where the user interface becomes useless. It can be surprising when a dashboard that looks great for ten records can be completely unusable when it displays a thousand records. This can be far more frustrating than a page that is simply slow to load.

    Octopus Deploy, a friendly .NET deployment automation tool, has to contend with this problem. Some customers have a single project, and some have thousands. It's a challenge designing for everyone. This session is all about thinking about scale when building and designing the user interface of your apps and web sites. We’ll review the lessons learned from growing Octopus Deploy and offer actionable tips that you can apply on the projects you're building right now. Techniques and patterns to display empty state, one thing, some things and too many things. This is still a work in progress so you'll see the good, the bad and the ugly. The goal of this presentation is to help you design your apps so they work great for all your customers.

    Thursday 10th August 2017