Kumar Srinivasamurthy

    Kumar Srinivasamurthy / Technical Leader @ Bing.com and Cortana

    Kumar works at Microsoft and has been in the online services world for several years. He currently runs the Bing and Cortana Live site/SRE team. For the last several years, he has focused on growing the culture around live site quality, incident response and management, service hardening, availability, performance, capacity, SLA metrics, DRI/SRE development and educating teams on how to build services that run at scale.

    Talk: Thinking at Scale: Lessons learnt running Bing.com and Cortana

    This talk dives into the many ways services, teams, and leadership have to change in order to operate in the low latency, high availability, high agility, high transaction world of online search and personal digital assistant. Given the agile nature of the business, you also need to innovate at a great pace where you are deploying multiple times a day. With hundreds of thousands of servers, lots of things can go wrong. Your systems have to detect and heal themselves in real-time, continuously and without human involvement. The only strategy that survives at scale is automation. Hear lessons learned from someone who owns service hardening, incident management, and participates in every postmortem for Bing and Cortana.

    This talk will include live site incidents from Bing and Cortana to illustrate service hardening techniques.

    Thursday 10th August 2017