Jason Yee

    Jason Yee / Technical Writer @ Datadog- DataDog

    Jason is a technical writer & evangelist at Datadog, where he works to inspire engineers with the power of data, metrics and monitoring. He's also involved in the global DevOpsDays community and was formerly the DevOps & performance community manager at O'Reilly Media. When he's not writing code or documentation, you can often find him travel-hacking on a plane, pursuing his passion for cooking in a restaurant kitchen, or searching for interesting regional whiskies.

    Talk: 100% Observability

    The only way to avoid crippling issues and resolve critical outages is with complete system and application visibility. But how do you ensure 100% observability and identify potential blind spots? With the growing number of monitoring projects and hundreds of monitoring services vying for your attention and business, how do you balance full coverage with limited budgets?

    In this session I’ll break down the expansive monitoring landscape into 5 categories and provide a framework to help you ensure full coverage. I’ll also touch on why these categories are important to your business and share the top criteria to consider when evaluating your options.

    Thursday 10th August 2017