Ashley Schroder

    Ashley Schroder / Software Engineer @ A2X

    Lead Engineer for A2X ( a New Zealand based SaaS app that makes it easy to account for your Amazon marketplace sales. A2X is growing fast in US and UK/EU and we're using a Serverless cloud based architecture which I am happy to share.

    Over a decade of development for web based applications with large audiences and user bases. Previous experience with Peace Software - enterprise billing for US utility companies, Tomizone - wireless hotspot billing and provision (i.e airports, public transport wifi). Maintaining popular open source projects with over 50,000 users for Magento. Built a popular load testing tool for Magento that uses AWS and siege to simulate 1000's of customers.

    Talk / Less Serverless: using Google App Engine for Serverless web apps

    Building web-based applications that benefit from serverless scalability without sacrificing web-application style engineering that comes with technologies like Lambda. Sharing our own experiences and architecture for A2X ( and how we've scaled up from initial prototype to now handling millions of dollars of transaction volume every month for 100's of thousands of Amazon orders globally.

    Thursday 10th August 2017