Travis Bischel

    Travis Bischel / Software Engineer - Fastly

    Travis works as a Software Engineer at Fastly, where he most recently replaced and scaled the entire stats pipeline and its consumers. In the outside world, you can find him cursing Haskell’s difficulty and planning weekend nature getaways to disconnect.

    Talk / Scaling While Failing: Winning in Increments

    Scaling systems is an inherently hard process, requiring foresight into potential problems and large amounts of planning. We all like to plan end-game perfect architecture, but programs do not go from zero to perfect. Scaling critical systems from a single point of failure while they are actively failing makes a hard process ridiculous.

    Incremental scaling keeps programs alive and buys years of planning time before architects need to think again about scaling - more time to think about what perfect architecture actually is. This talk is the story of incrementally scaling a CPU strained, highly visible, real-time stats pipeline, the pitfalls encountered along the way, and the key takeaways and learned lessons.

    Wednesday 10th August 2016