Nick Walker

    Michael Neale / Co-Founder and Engineering Manager - CloudBees

    Michael has an interest in automation, and a hobby in AI, and how they can be combined together where possible. Previously he has worked at Red Hat on the Drools rule engine project, and more recently on Jenkins.

    He has years of experience working across many open source projects. By day he helps run engineering teams. Home is in the Blue Mountains, just outside of Sydney, Australia, when not on a plane.

    Talk / Software pipelines for continuous delivery, what are they?

    The term "pipelines" gets thrown around a lot in CI/CD these days. In this talk I will cover why it is useful to think of delivery as a pipeline, and introduce some of the ways you can use Jenkins Pipelines to do the "last mile" of deployment, as well as the packaging/testing of your bits.

    From personal bitter experience I know a lot of deployment is retrying things over and over, timeouts and exponential backoff. This can be tedious and hard to test written by hand, but with pipeline tools at least that part of the heavily lifting can be done for you.

    Wednesday 10th August 2016