John Clegg

    John Clegg / Product Owner - Performance and Scalability Team - Xero / @johnclegg

    John is the Product Owner of the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) aka the Performance and Scalability team at Xero. He and his team work on making Xero faster for its customers.

    In a previous life, John wrote about New Zealand web performance in the "Homepage Hall of Shame" from 2008-2011. Earlier, John was the CTO of Indian online auction websites and He learnt how important web performance was for the business and how small performance changes made a big difference to the bottom line.

    Talk / The story of how Xero is making "Performance as a Feature"

    This is a story about the journey to change the development culture at Xero to treat "Performance as a Feature". In the race to create new features, we often forget about important non-functional requirements like performance and security. With Xero growing so fast, we needed to change the way we think about performance so we can have that meet the increasing needs of the business.

    In this talk, I'll talk about the steps on our journey and how we have formed a team called the Impossible Mission Force. IMF's mission is to ensure that the developers have everything they need to make performance as feature. Once we completed our mission, our team will dissolve.

    Wednesday 10th August 2016