Graham Dumpleton

    Graham Dumpleton / Developer Advocate - Red Hat

    Graham is the author of mod_wsgi, a popular module for hosting Python web applications with the Apache HTTPD web server. He has a keen interest in Docker and Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies, and is a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation and Member of the Apache Software Foundation. He is currently a developer advocate for OpenShift at Red Hat.

    Talk / OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes. The next generation of PaaS

    Containers are upending the way that developers and operations groups are thinking about how to deploy software. To cater for these new ways of thinking, traditional Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers are also needing to adapt. Although PaaS providers have been using containers for some time, the new focus is around Docker and the image portability it provides. It isn't all about containers though, you still need orchestration to manage where containers are deployed, as well as workflows for getting you from source code to deployed application.

    In this talk you will learn about how OpenShift, Red Hat's Open Source PaaS is being reimplemented around Docker and Kubernetes, adding in its own secret sauce to deliver a next generation PaaS.

    Wednesday 10th August 2016