Donovan Jones

    Donovan Jones / Cloud Technologist - Catalyst Cloud

    Donovan has worked both sides of Dev and Ops and looked after for quite a long time, nowadays he does a number of things at Catalyst IT but his main interest is in helping clients understand how to best use Catalysts OpenStack based public cloud.

    Talk / The journey to a four tier application architecture.

    What is a four tier architecture? [1] [2]
    Discussion of the service, aggregation, delivery and client tiers.
    How does this differ from the traditional three tier architecture?
    How did end up with this architecture without planning to get there?
    How scaling to meet traffic demand particularly for websockets drove us toward implementing a Delivery tier.
    How weathering DDoS attacks pushed us to implementing a delivery tier.
    How client requirements for a responsive, realtime, feature rich website and an agile development process lead to the creation of a modern client tier.
    How moving to nginx for performance reasons lead to an effective aggregation tier.
    How the architecture was always service oriented.
    If I were architecting this site from scratch how would I build it considering the best practice, technology mix and required features at each stage.
    Discussion of modern js libs (ember, react, angular) at the client tier Discussion of must have features like anycasting at the delivery tier
    Discuss a microservice architecture built on docker and kubernetes scaled across cloud regions with nginx aggregation (netflix on containers)
    Discuss issues with dealing with old third party services that are not under your control.
    Throw in microservice oriented DevOps teams, Continuous Delivery and an agile process and we're done.

    Wednesday 10th August 2016