Schedule - Main Conference / August 10th - Wellington

  • ScaleConf NZ

    7:50 am - (Icon Room)

    Registration - Arrival Coffee

  • ScaleConf NZ

    8:30 am - (Soundings Theatre)

    Welcome address

  • John Clegg

    8:45 am

    The story of how Xero is making "Performance as a Feature"

    John Clegg - Xero

    Product Owner - Performance and Scalability Team

  • Richard Busby

    09:20 am

    Amazon Web Services: The pace of innovation

    Richard Busby - AWS

    Ecosystem Solutions Architect

  • Paul Stack

    9:55 am

    The biggest trick consultants ever pulled, was convincing the world continuous delivery is easy!

    Paul Stack - Hashicorp


  • ScaleConf NZ

    10:25 am - (Icon Room)

    Morning tea

  • Nick Walker

    10:55 am

    Releasing features in a dynamic microservice environment

    Nick Walker - Vend

    Platform Engineer

  • Dustin Whittle


    Modern Performance Best Practices

    Dustin Whittle - Uber

    Developer Advocate

  • Alvaro Videla

    12:05 pm

    What we talk about when we talk about Distributed Systems

    Alvaro Videla

    RabbitMQ Core Developer

  • Bethany Macri

    12:40 pm

    Scaling Infrastructure at Etsy

    Bethany Macri - Etsy

    Software Engineer

  • ScaleConf NZ

    01:10 pm - (Icon Room)


  • Donovan Jones

    02:00 pm

    The journey to a four tier application architecture

    Donovan Jones - Catalyst

    Cloud Technologist

  • Jonah Kowall

    02:35 pm

    Managing performance of microservices in containers

    Jonah Kowall - AppDynamics

    VP Market Development and Insights

  • Paul Stack

    03:10 pm

    Vault: Securing the modern datacenter

    Paul Stack - Hashicorp


    IMPORTANT! Last minute schedule change: Armon Dadgar won’t be able to make it to ScaleConf New Zealand 2016. Armon's talk will be given by Paul Stack from Hashicorp.

  • ScaleConf NZ

    03:40 pm - (Icon Room)

    Afternoon tea

  • Kara Hatherly

    04:10 pm

    Re-architecting legacy systems for scale

    Kara Hatherly - Atlassian

    Software Engineer

  • Michael Neale

    04:45 pm

    Software pipelines for continuous delivery, what are they?

    Michael Neale - CloudBees

    Co-Founder and Engineering Manager

  • Graham Dumpleton

    05:20 pm

    OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes. The next generation of PaaS

    Graham Dumpleton - Red Hat

    Developer Advocate

  • Travis Bischel

    05:55 pm

    Scaling While Failing: Winning in Increments

    Travis Bischel - Fastly

    Software Engineer

  • ScaleConf NZ

    06:30 pm

    Closing address & raffle

  • ScaleConf NZ

    06:45 pm - (Icon Room)


*Schedule is subject to change without notice.

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