Tech Conference on Web Performance & Scalability

August 9th - Workshops

August 10th - Main Conference

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa - Wellington, New Zealand

About ScaleConf New Zealand

About ScaleConf New Zealand

ScaleConf New Zealand is a technical conference for those who build or maintain web systems. Audience will include developers, engineers and managers from companies of all sizes, researchers, academics, influential business decision makers, CTOs and VPs engaged in the web development and performance ecosystem.

Bringing together international and local thought-leaders, knowledge of innovators, and practitioners in development and operations. ScaleConf promises to provide plenty of networking opportunities, as well as opportunities to connect with decision makers, influencers and industry minds.

During this 2 day event, the first day will include a succession of workshops, followed by a second day of scheduled presentations from international and local speakers and influential personalities within the tech industry. Presentation breaks, catered lunch and workshop training sessions all provide the perfect environment to mingle.

Speaker Line-up 2016

Armon Dadgar

Armon Dadgar

Co-founder and CTO - Hashicorp

IMPORTANT! Last minute schedule change: Armon Dadgar won’t be able to make it to ScaleConf New Zealand 2016. Armon's talk will be given by Paul Stack from Hashicorp.

Vault: Securing the modern datacenter
Jonah Kowall

Jonah Kowall

VP Market Development and Insights - AppDynamics

Managing performance of microservices in containers
Richard Busby

Richard Busby

Ecosystem Solution Architect - Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services: The pace of innovation
John Clegg

John Clegg

Product Owner - Performance & Scalability Team - Xero

The story of how Xero is making "Performance as a Feature"


  • 8:00 am


  • Paul Stack

    8:30 am

    The sane way to build cloud infrastructure

    Paul Stack - Infrastructure Coder / @stack72

    Duration: 3 hours

    Did you know that Netflix has now fully transitioned to the cloud. Ever wonder how you could do the same or sell it to your boss/clients/your pet? Do you often wonder how to chose the best provider out of all the different players in the market. Well wonder no more. Join Paul as he guides you through how to build infrastructure on 2 different platforms. Watch as he uses both AWS and Azure to show you easy it is using the principles of infrastructure as code. By the end of this session, you will have enough guidance and confidence to start automating your own infrastructure and be less afraid of that big bogeyman VENDOR LOCKIN

    Attendee requirements:

    • - Laptop
    • - AWS account (needs to be created at least 48 hours prior to attending the workshop) or a Set of Azure credentials.
    • - They will also need to have the following installed (links to OSX, Linux and Windows binaries)
  • Alvaro Videla

    8:30 am

    RabbitMQ Workshop

    Alvaro Videla - RabbitMQ Core Developer / @old_sound

    Duration: 3 hours

    In this tutorial we are going to see a short theoretical introduction to RabbitMQ and messaging in general to later dive into a live coding session to see how implement messaging into our applications. The live demo will go from starting the server and issuing basic administration commands up to creating several consumers and publishers. We will implement use cases ranging from a basic queue server to a publish subscribe system. The goal of the tutorial is two fold: to see how easy is to implement a solution around messaging and to understand that we don't need to be a "big player" in order to take advantage of RabbitMQ.

  • Richard Busby

    12:30 pm

    AWS Zombie Microservices Workshop

    Richard Busby - Ecosystem Solutions Architect / @buzzynz

    Duration: 3 hours

    A widespread viral infection transmitted through bites that cause human corpses to reanimate has spread to every major metropolitan area around the world. In order to fight this battle, we invite you with great urgency to register and attend an AWS Zombie Microservices Workshop to rebuild what remains of our great civilisation. The AWS Lambda Signal Corps has built a serverless communications system using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon API Gateway to connect survivors. The Corps will be travelling across the globe to deliver workshops on building this communications system. After introducing the basics of building microservices with Lambda and API Gateway, we look to you to add additional life saving features - food caches, panic buttons, etc. - to the platform. The fate of our civilization is in your hands.

    Attendee requirements:

    • - Laptop
    • - AWS account (needs to be created at least 48 hours prior to attending the workshop).
    • - Expected AWS costs incurred during the workshop is about USD $0.70

    SOLD OUT! Please send an email to to register in the waiting list. Thanks!

* Main conference registration is not required to attend workshops.

Registration 2016

We are delighted to announce that Super early bird tickets will be available for purchase to attend ScaleConf New Zealand from May 13th. They will be available only for a couple of weeks or until they sell out!

Your conference ticket will allow you access into the main Conference (10/08), including tea and coffee on arrival, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and more!

Full time Students: NZ$105.00 + GST - Limited numbers

Super early bird - SOLD OUT!

  • End Sales: 3 June 2016 / Limited numbers
  • + GST

Workshops - SOLD OUT!

  • Tuesday 9th August - Venue: Te Papa
  • + GST

Early Bird - SOLD OUT!

  • End Sales: 8 July 2016 / Limited numbers
  • + GST

Regular - Main conference - SOLD OUT!

  • End Sales: August 1st, 2016 - 01:00 pm
  • + GST

Late - Main conference

  • End Sales: 10 August 2016
  • + GST

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

55 Cable St, Wellington 6011 - New Zealand

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